Originally from San Francisco, I have been on-and-off in the past (since 2006!) hoping to create a worthy blog. As I finished my undergraduate and master's education at Cal Poly SLO (in Biomedical Engineering), I revamped this blog prior to entering my PhD as a Mechanical Engineer at Purdue University.

Hey, that's me!

In this blog I discuss music, photography, cooking, restaurants, travel, and plain old adventure. And I love to meet new people, as well as stay in contact with old friends. So don't be shy, and say hello!

You may ask why I chose, "smell of sunrise" as a blog title. Well, I used to be in love with the London Elektricity song "Just One Second" and in it they say

  • 'the city's beautiful, feel it in the morning air, love the smell of sunrise, and everything becomes so clear.' 

Growing up in such a city and watching the sunrise before school every single morning, overlooking the whole city from my living room, the song itself resonated with me.

Onward and forward my friends, to Smell Of Sunrise.

-- KTC

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