Sunday, August 17, 2014

Graduate School Grind

After an amazing summer in California, I am back to the likes of Indiana. Again.

There's such a strange feeling of grief, stress, and disappointment that comes over me once I enter the borders of this sleepy Midwest state. And the insistent clouds and rain just aid in my mood. But, I am trying to brighten up my new apartment to keep me with my peace-of-mind.

Colors light up every room, fighting against the dreary beige walls, painted by the Franklin Park landlords. Why beige, anyway? White is at least bright and provides a canvas. Beige is just a boring noncommittal color. One that I seem to be fighting against.

But, there are plenty of good parts about being back. I have my Matt with me, supporting me and reminding me about the San Francisco state-of-mind as we get through the 'graduate school grind'. My porch leads to a grassy knoll surrounded by a variety of trees and plants. And I have a lot of lifetime friends I am back revisiting.

I've also been cooking a lot more these days. Mostly because Matt doesn't eat out (which, secretly, is great for me. I have gotten to enjoy my kitchen that much more. And my cooking seems to be much more rewarding and tasty than anything I can find around Lafayette/West Lafayette).

Hopefully I'll get some pictures up here soon.

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