Thursday, February 6, 2014


Sometimes I think as people we create our own perceptions in order to replace strange incomplete realities. I mean this in terms of coping. Sometimes it's easier to just jump to an extreme false conclusion because it helps us deal with things better. 

Recently I watched this happen in my life and felt every little bit of my body and soul hurting. A nice bloody wound of sorts. But it's important to stop and think about why someone sees you in such a terrible way. Why they saw me as this heartless wench. As a person devoid of love or care.

But then I realized that in all of their pain and confusion, it seemed easier to see me as a, well, cheater. Something I had and have no intentions of. So I looked back as to why they thought all of these things. With more detail and explanation they would realize how far from the truth that was. But, alas, it would not matter. It is perception that dominates over reality. We make our perceptions our realities.

And they are hurting. Writhing in emotional pain. So is it worth arguing against their personal realities? Will this convince them of anything different? No, probably not. And maybe it's those illusions that help heal the intense real pain that they feel. To help mend their battle wounds. 

Maybe that's all we need to become our whole selves again. 

If this person only knew. I really miss them. I never meant to put them in the pain they feel now. And hopefully they can feel cured soon. No matter what the perception, assumption, reality.

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