Saturday, August 31, 2013

Favorite iPhone App

I have a favorite for, well, everything. Whether it's a general favorite like color (yellow), condiment (mustard), season (fall) to something specific like cardigan type (rich colors with beading), shape (pentagon), macaron in San Francisco (Chantal Guillon Red Velvet).

Either way, I have a favorite something. So, with that said, I will introduce today my favorite iPhone application.

It's call BeHppy. It's still new, so you need to add it not via the App Store. But I LOVE it. You upload pictures and caption them based on what makes you HAPPY! It's a fantastic way to promote optimism and joyfulness. It has something an application like Instagram has always lacked. Currently you don't have to compete with others for the most followers, or hash tag half of your caption.

And I find myself checking it all of the time to see what others have posted, and liking it because they often make me happy too!

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