Sunday, May 26, 2013

Let's Do The Dilly Dally

All around my room!

New shoes via Nordstrom Rack Chicago!

Really need to calm down on my denim craze - new polka dot Madewell shirt

Loving the hearts all over this comfy silk shirt (Madewell)

Wanderlust in a variety of ways - a map watch from Urban Outfitters and map handkerchief from Madewell

There's nothing like fresh flowers on your dresser. I get flowers for my room and living room all of the time in order to make it feel fresh and lovely. These carnations are just beautiful - my photograph definitely does not do it justice.

Admittedly, I hate perfume samples. But when Sephora let me try out Amazing Grace, I was actually thankful! I love the scent and the simplicity of their sample and standard packaging/labeling.

Hope you are having a great three-day weekend! Chao & Ciao.

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