Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Chicago Deux

As I wait to begin another day of research (ahh doctoral life), I have decided to blog vomit some more photos from our brief weekend in Chicago.

Mystery *cough* girl walking under scaffolding - look at them pants!

Two ladies starving for some breakfast (don't worry, we ended up having 4 entrees)

Admiring the city filled with tulips along the way


Yeah, we often radiate a halo-like glow - most likely from working in a nanotechnology lab, who knows what the hell we've been exposed to

Red velvet french toast. Is this real life?

Tall towers, blue sky... wouldn't seem like the chill in the air was attempting to kill you


Overall the trip was quite lovely. It felt like my heart was sinking as we took the train back to West Lafayette, Indiana. 

But who knows what the summer holds.

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