Friday, October 5, 2012

Homeward Bound

As I sit here antsy, and conducting office hours for the undergraduate Fluid Mechanics class, I decided to collect images from around the web and put them on my blog (as I secretly anticipate all of the exciting things I get to do after I fly home this weekend!).

Winter is coming way too soon.

The Indiana dunes... I need to make it over here eventually. After area exams?

What I get to see right now. I love the fall. Something that my beautiful home state of California definitely lacks.

Ahhh I love this time of year. But what am I looking forward to back home?

  • Seeing my family and friends 
  • The way the city feels in the fall
  • Christopher Elbow chocolate sea salt turtles 
  • Chantal Guillon macarons - particularly their red velvet (and I usually NEVER want the red velvet ANYTHING)
  • Fantastic wine
  • Food and tea galore
  • Walking around all of the districts, rediscovering, or initially discovering
  • Shopping perhaps?
I cannot wait until I find my own secret spots around Northern Indiana and Chicago. There has to be something special.

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