Sunday, July 15, 2012

Photo Diary 2: Tokyo

I am ashamed as to how atrocious my writing composition has been with this blog! Though, after numerous additions and entire deletions of this site, I guess it eventually brought me to be lazy with the written content. Blasphemy.

However, it is enjoyable to type without looking over what has been written. It's an allowance for complete and utter nonsense.

I digress.

Here are more Tokyo photos!

People hand out the least appetizing drinks for free. I guess there is a point in 'free'

I really liked the grates on the city streets.

Beautiful sign at the beginning of the park next to Shibuya/Harajuku.

Huge sake wall.

Of some of the best and most expensive sake, too.

And some of the best French wines in the world. Outside. In the humidity.

But it was for ceremonies for the shinto shrine.

Meiji Jingu shinto shrine

Meiji shinto shrine again

So this shrine was to commemorate the Emperor Meiji and his wife after their passing. The emperor was loved by the Japanese people as he took he time to visit all regions of the country and went through great lengths to contact worldwide political leaders. I was lucky to take part in the ceremonies outside of the shrine with the water in order to cleanse myself prior to entering.
But those will come after receiving pictures from my Dad!

Back on the streets... they still have Tower Records? These still exist?!

More Shibuya in the early morning

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