Friday, July 13, 2012

I've Arrived

Upon arriving back home to San Francisco, I spend this tiring night sharing two critter pictures from Japan. And I organize my future entries on my Tokyo extravaganza.

This first photograph I look extremely bum-y in. Probably because it was at 5 am and I hadn't showered.

This was outside of the Shibuya train station. Tokyo is made up of prefectures - this one being "Shibuya". This dog statue, Hachiko, was placed here to remember a loyal Akita. In the 1920's this dog would patiently wait for his owner every single day at the train station for his return. However, one day his owner did not come back because he suddenly died. Until 1935 this dog remained around the station.

Pretty cool, right?

This, sadly does not have a story. This is just me wanting to kiss my favorite animal - the llama. Also taken in Shibuya at Opening Ceremony.

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