Thursday, July 19, 2012

A Day In The Life

As I organize for a new home... Life hasn't been too spectacularly interesting.

Sans getting offered cocaine and marijuana in the middle of the daylight in San Francisco.

Really, gentlemen? Thanks but no thanks.

Making cards for my lovely friends!

Showing brandon around the Castro (SORRY BRANDON, IT'S NOT FACEBOOK)

Best line of the night? "So are we still going to a bar or what? Where are you taking me? A bush?" (As we start to head to this quiet dark area... whoops!)

Ponyo and Japanese kit-kat! Ponyo ponyo ponyo, fishy in the sea...

Years of school work starting to be organized

A look I loved from Pinterest 

Delicious Royce chocolate from Japan -- I do love their chocolate covered potato chips especially

Another look from Pinterest 

My bangs look supremely doofy in this picture, but they really are not so. Yay for new haircuts. And the fact that I've had 3 this year and my hair just keeps freakishly growing.

Off to eat some Vietnamese food. Chomp.

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  1. Im so curious about the japanese Kit Kat...what does it have?? :)