Thursday, June 28, 2012

The South

Whenever I visit my mom in Memphis, I have a similar amount of energy and movement to that of a slug. And I crave beer like one, too. As I left on my journey I dreamt of coming over here and crafting, painting, altering furniture for my apartment in the fall.

As well as photograph!

Guess what I've done? Ate. Sat. Played on the computer. Ate some more. Played with 3 dogs.

Damn, I've really completed a lot...

So, here are photographs to show how much I've done:

Nelo, the gargantuan attention hog border collie

Homemade cheesecake topped with fresh berries from the yard

Sadly, I did not take this, but this is where I dream of going - Pulpit Rock, Norway

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