Monday, June 25, 2012


This past weekend I enjoyed farmer's market, dim sum, making a homemade cilantro cocktail, and best of all gay pride in SF!

Here are photos of the adventures...

I am sorry but they were all taken on my cell phone... I need to be less of a bum and use my camera these days.

Yank Sing Dim Sum - oh goodness the shrimp dumplings...

A San Francisco Hero

The rainbow flags proudly blowing in the wind from local windows 

Fantastic Absolut bottles for celebration

Rainbow hoses!

People everywhere in tha' hood

Dancing penis man

Aren't those balloons fantastic? I want them!

That's right ladies and gentlemen!


What a beautiful day for the city.

And a homemade cilantro-vodka cocktail to bring the evening to a close

Tomorrow I am off to Memphis!

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