Thursday, June 21, 2012


I am excited because today I get to see a talk from Carol Stevenson. She's discussing her work photographing the Asian Elephant throughout Thailand. You can see her site here and some of her photos below:

Aren't they beautiful?

Changing subjects...

I hate to admit that I secretly am a collector of quotes, or more so lyrics, due to the fact that half of the time when I see people with 30,000 quotes in their essays and Facebook pages, it drives me insane. However, I do believe in certain instances a quote or lyric or saying can sum up that moment in your life perfectly.

A friend of mine put this quote up years ago:

Identities are in continual flux. They are created interactively in social circumstance. When identity ceases to change, it ceases to exist. - Sandy Stone

I go through a constant internal argument of all the things I am interested in and how they never seem to fit with one another. But these words always put me at ease.

I also like her (Emeli Sandé) song, Heaven. Her voice is fantastic, in my opinion!

Well wasn't that non-sequitur...

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