Monday, May 28, 2012

I Want Something

This weekend was crazy long and filled with absolutely no work (sadly). It started with an overnight trip to Pasadena with a buddy. It's always fantastic to see a little into a friend's life or past. There we met the members of the band Torches. What? You haven't listened to them? I suggest you do (here is I Want Something).

Post-Pasadena, and Friday I had a night with a roomie and buddy with beer, Carl's Junior (did I just admit to such a crime?), and a kick back.

Saturday I had a lady date at a local sandwich shop followed by a movie. I cannot say enough how lucky I am to have women like this in my life. Albeit a new addition, I am deeply grateful to have met her. Name twin, passion parallel, and the perfect match of reality and dreamer to myself.

Sunday consisted of brunch, a party (wa-hoooo!), barbecue, and catching up with old friends. And today? A finished PB&J cheesecake. Om nom nom.

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